What Clients Are Saying About Us:



Dr. Aftab is a knowledgeable vet whose tireless treatment saved the life of our very sick dog (EDDIE) this summer.  His love for animals is apparent in the care he brings to each and every visit with his (four legged) patients. Most importantly, he takes the time to explain his treatment plans and answer any questions. Well worth the trip for the exceptional quality of care, fair prices, and friendly and courteous staff. We wouldn't trust our pets to anyone else.

Richard Leiby,
Pakistan Bureau Chief,
The Washington Post,
Islamabad, Pakistan

Paws n Claws Pets Clinic’s Dr. Aftab along with the staff are AMAZING! They are the most caring, dedicated people I have ever had the opportunity to have met in the veterinary field, they don't look at their job as a job, it is something they truly love and are dedicated to every day. They are family! If it had not been for their caring hearts our Fluffy would not have made it to where she is today. My heart will be forever thankful to Paws n Claws. Thanks to ALL of you….!!!!!

Syed Aqif Hussain Shah,
Assistant Director (Tech),
Provisional Head Quarters,
NADRA, Islamabad

Paws n Claws Pets clinic is a full service veterinary clinic providing all of your pet care needs.

From pet vaccinations and preventive care to internal medicine and surgery, Paws n Claws pets clinic is the pet hospital that aims to be your all in one animal care resource. Located in Islamabad.

Paws n Claws hopes to meet all of the animal health care needs of its clients. Being a full service pet hospital means we provide everything from pet vaccinations and preventive care to medicine and surgery.

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